28 Mar 2011

Stagalock Meets The Dope

Thanks Booming Basslines for this one, i hope you will wake-up from your wintersleep...

01. Al Campbell - You Turn Me On
02. Jah Thomas - No Loving Tonight
03. Jr Moore - A Medley Of Songs
04. Derrick Irie - Sexing Lab
05. Jah Thomas W Mafia And Fluxy - Stagaback
06. Jr Vibes - She Love Me
07. Clement Irie - Things A Gwan Fi Yu
08. Dollar Fifty - Bottle Head Pumpum
09. Screechie Joe - Girldelero
10. Jah Thomas & Danny Brownie - Meets At Penthouse Studio


  1. That was quick,thanks Ninja,appreciate that.

  2. ride on Digital Reggae- felt like I was giving myself away- most sites just repost links of full albums, but mine and other sites like yours have creative concepts- not dead yet though- BOOMING BASSLINES