17 Mar 2011

Leroy Smart - Musical Don

Thanks to Gabe Holger for passing the link and thanks Ras Israel for the upload!
This album completes the Skengdon Discography posted earlier...

01. Leroy Smart - She Love To Dance
02. Leroy Smart - I Want Your Love
03. Leroy Smart - Release The Chain
04. Leroy Smart - Me Nah Leave You
05. Leroy Smart - Come A We
06. Leroy Smart - Number One
07. Leroy Smart - Bad Minded People
08. Leroy Smart - Collie Man
09. Leroy Smart - Worries Tonight
10. Leroy Smart - Fisherman


  1. Seeing this post made me realize I spoke to soon.

    Sorry about that but I saw both the link and my critical comment removed and I jumped to conclusion.

    But I'm glad I was wrong :)


    S Gabe Holger

  2. Massive, thanks for this contribution.

  3. Being over-credited is a new sensation to me.

    Not nice actually, because although I'm the first to share and upload this publicly, I didn't rip this myself, a mate of mine in the U.K. - who prefers to stay annymous - did.

    So please do remove 'the ripped by' part from the intro, to be correct. I was just the first to share it publicly, that's all.

    Also I'd like to ad that I would appreciate it if you'd make your own upload/link (f.i. to Sharebee) thereby increasing the availability of this rare album.

    Also because I tend to delete links when they are shared more than a pre-set number of downloads ...

    Nuff said, enjoy the music !

    Blessings & Greetings

    Ras*Israel, Amsterdam

  4. Thanks for this one,much appreciated.

  5. Hi,
    have you an another link like megaupload or mediafire please.
    Impossible for me to listen this album
    Thanks a lot

  6. I found this link on the web

  7. could you please reup this as link is dead