31 Mar 2011

Sky High & Mau Mau Present Marcus Garvey Chant

The cover was obviously a rush job, but the music is far more interesting: modern cultural singers Yami Bolo, Half Pint and Garnet Silk, along with deejays Tony Rebel and Ricky Chaplin. What makes the set essential is the first side, taken up by three versions of Jackie Mittoo's "Drum Song" classic, and including the voice of Marcus Garvey from half a century before: one of the most atmospheric sides in reggae.

A1 Sky High & Mau Mau & Yamie Bolo - Marcus Garvey Chant
A2 Marcus Garvey & Sky High & Mau Mau, The - Garvey Chant
A3 Marcus Garvey & Sky High & Mau Mau, The - Chant
B1 Tony Rebel & Half Pint (3) & Garnet Silk - Jah Love Inna We
B2 Ricky Chaplin - Vision
B3 Fire Fox Crew - Dutty Pharoah
B4 Candyman - Place Call Africa
B5 Yamie Bolo - Marcus Link With Selassie I

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