11 Dec 2018

The Don Gorgon

1A Execution 3:25
2A Crucifixion 4:12
3A De Man Good 3:11
4A Move Yu Foot 4:02
5A Poison Son 3:42
6A Preacher Pon Pulpit 4:20
7A Hit And Run 3:0https://www.mediafire.com/file/e14x8d9ow8u9cao/The_Don_Gagorn.zip/file9
8A Eye For An Eye 3:16
9A Gun Gorgon 4:25
10A Bible Key 4:15

10 Feb 2018

Echo Minott - Familiar Face



A1 Rock With Me
A2 Dont Lock Me Out Mama
A3 Oldies But Goodies
A4 Healthy Body
A5 Familiar Face
B1 Hold Up Your Hand
B2 Eyes Of An Angel
B3 Crossing Over
B4 Eat Out My Pay
B5 Pickney Fe Mind

24 Nov 2017

Capleton - Good So


Capleton's rejection of 'slackness' in favour of culture and reality is nowhere better captured then on his work for the 'consious' sound system/label, African Star. This excellent set brings together several of his hits for the label, all from 1993, while Black Scorpio and Colin Fat are represented with a track apiece.


A1 Cold Blooded Murderer
A2 Prepare Fi Die
A3 Good So
A4 Sign & Wonder
A5 Rod In A Hand
A6 Equal Rights
B1 Everybody
B2 Who See It
B3 Bad So
B4 Satan Mind
B5 Temple
B6 Lyrics With Understanding

General Degree - Granny


A1 Granny
A2 Lampshade Body
A3 Mother Rule Pickney
A4 Inna Order
A5 Granny Walk An' Rock
A6 Girls Calling
B1 Country Livity
B2 Food-A-Rama
B3 Can't Understand
B4 Tek Weh Di Crowning
B5 Granny Granny Cry

21 Nov 2017

Reggae On A Sunday, Sugar Minott Special, November 19, 2017

Sugar Minott,
- history told by by Papa Pasco
- youth promotion, black roots mix by Bounty J and Koffi Dread

13 Nov 2017

Reggae On A Sunday, November 12 2017, Radio Panik Brussels

Koffi Dread: mix with 80s digital tunes from the Black Solidarity and Photographer label.
Ninja B: Fresh Dancehall tunes from October 2017.

3 Nov 2017

Jam Rock All Stars



A1 Ernest Wilson Don't Leave Me For Money
A2 Wayne Smith In The Park
A3 King Everald She Loves It
A4 Lloyd Hemmings Girl I Love You So
A5 Rowland Burrell* My Sonia
B1 Carlton Livingston It's You I'm Talking To
B2 Michael Flint (2) You Got To Know Yourself
B3 Michael Prophet Rise Up
B4 Don Andrew Lue When I Was Small
B5 Super Black We Nah Go Run Dun

31 Oct 2017

Reggae On A Sunday, 29 october 2017, Radio Panik, Brussels

This episode:
- Prince Jazzbo special, history and mix.
- Mix by Koffi Dread from Silver Canary

27 Oct 2017

Radio Panik, Reggae On A Sunday: 22 october 2017

Radio Panik Reggae On A Sunday
Guest mix by DJ Kenny
Ninja B milleniumdancehall selection
Bounty J rocksteady selction
Hosted by papa Pasco

King Daddy Yod



1 Intro 0:16
2 Professionnel Ou Amateur 3:37
3 Delbor 3:47
4 Problème 3:14
5 Le Lamentin 0:05
6 Faut Pas Taper La Doudou 3:14
7 Ai Manman 3:53
8 Professionnel Ou Amateur (Dub) 3:22
9 Parler Au Boss (Go Daddy Go) 3:59
10 Le Premier Ministre 0:22
11 La Rage En Banlieue 3:38
12 Raggamuffin (Funky Remix) 3:24
13 Can't Stop Me 3:21
14 Delbor (Dub) 3:47
15 King Daddy Yod Est Dans La Party 0:16
16 King 2:47

King Tubby's Fast Car

Very obscure compilation, starting with the ridiculous cover. The confused young lady, the by-now oldschool Mercedes with a "righteous" numberplate - all this is so bizarre and bears the certain cheap-o charm of 80s digital reggae compilations.

Musically, even with this seemingly "soul-less" digital riddim material, King Tubby's genius shines through. The old dub master doesn't get confused by the new digital craze, but manages to fill the spartanic riddim arrangements with life, especially when accompanied by vocalists like Gregory, whose "Once A Man" is probably one of the most wonderful masterpieces from the early digital era. If the vocalists are not worth anything though, then even Tubby's genius can't save the tunes, resulting into fillers like the absolutely redundant "La Bamba" cover.
Some gems, some fillers, but all in all an interesting example of clever dealing with early digital riddims.


A1 Gregory Isaacs Once A Man
A2 Johnny Osbourne My Heart Is In Danger
A3 Wayne Wonder Fast Car
A4 Bananaman* & Derek Irie* Tight Clothes
A5 Johnny Clarke Teach Them The Right
B1 Lyrical Cock Up And Ride
B2 Pad Anthony Hanging On
B3 Johnny Clarke Loverman
B4 Thriller U & Ella Star Tell Me Why
B5 Little Robert La Bamba

London Dread Collective - Kreem Of The Krop



A1 Howie and Jackie All Out Of Cash 4:00
A2 Tenor Fly & Daddy Freddy Dance Hall Clash 4:05
A3 Conrad Crystal Why Did You Leave 4:05
A4 Joe Mannix Star Rapper 4:00
A5 Prento Youth The Twang 4:05
B1 Leslie Lyrics Blo' Dem Brains 4:05
B2 Nitty Gritty Shadow And Arrow 3:50
B3 Daddy Freddy Must Want A Man 4:05
B4 Mikey General Killing Me Softly 3:40
B5 Tenor Fly & Daddy Freddy Rude Boy 4:05
B6 Tenor Fly & Daddy Freddy Advert 0:52

15 Oct 2017

Silver Canary & Pasco on Radio Panik, October 15 2017

Every Sunday on Radio Panik: Reggae on a Sunday,
This week we put our focus on fresh, new tunes!

12 Oct 2017

Fever Meets The Darker Shade: Mampie Fi Work



A1 Phillip Frazer* & Double Ugly Mampie Fi Work
A2 SInging Melody Music Lover
A3 Carlton Livingston I've Been Loving You
A4 John Mouse Coming Dangerous
A5 Wayne Fire Teenage Pregnancy
B1 Papa San Guilty
B2 Ernest Wilson Ain't No Love
B3 Junior Demus Stick To Yu Man
B4 Pliers Close My Eyes
B5 Clement Irie Broke My Heart

Mad Cobra - Merciles Bad Boy



A1 Tek It Up Back
A2 Hunu Want War
A3 Original Kill & Nuh Run
A4 Merciless Bad Boy
A5 Call It Off
B1 Stop Dis The Girls
B2 Gold Mine
B3 Body Basic
B4 Pump It Up
B5 Money Money

3 Oct 2017

Micron Presents Superstars



A1 Pad Anthony Give Me The Love
A2 Micron All Stars Dub
A3 Major Worries Talk Till She Hoarse
A4 Leroy Sibbles, Stamma Rank Modelling Queen
B1 Stamma Rank Some Girls Cant Get No Man
B2 Micron All Stars Dub
B3 Leroy Sibbles, Stamma Rank Come Touch Me
B4 Jackie Mittoo Instrumental

26 Sep 2017

General Degree - Ninety Degrees



A1 Mi Ready
A2 Forever
A3 Off Balance
A4 Appetiser
A5 Come Out Yah
B1 Long Time Story
B2 Dry Weather House
B3 Teaching
B4 Lonely Days
B5 Oomba Oomba

12 Sep 2017

Penthouse Party Mix Vol. 8



Segment One - General
A1 Buju Banton Massa God
A2 Buju Banton Good God Of My Salvation
A3 Buju Banton Wanna Be Loved
A4 Buju Banton Good Good

Segment Two - General
A5 Buju Banton Untold Stories
A6 Buju Banton Laid To Rest
A7 Buju Banton Not An Easy Road

Segment Three - General
A8 Michael Rose General
A9 Buju Banton Murderer
A10 Buju Banton Bad Boy
A11 Mad Cobra Bad Boy
A12 Terror Fabulous Order
A13 Mad Cobra Gundelero
A14 Ed Robinson & Buju Banton Rude Boy

Segment Four - Answer
A15 Wayne Wonder Saddest Day
A16 Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton Bonafide Love
A17 Buju Banton What You Gonna Do
A18 Richie Stephens Trying To Get To You
A19 Buju Banton Black Woman
A20 Buju Banton Who Say

Segment Five - Answer
A21 Buju Banton Petty Theif
A22 Buju Banton Lef We Business
A23 Buju Banton Vigilante
A24 Buju Banton Chuck It So
A25 Buju Banton No Respect

Segment Six - Yush
B1 Buju Banton Dickie
B2 Buju Banton Gone A Lead
B3 Buju Banton Champion
B4 Buju Banton Only Man
B5 Buju Banton Look How You Sweet

Segment Seven - Yush
B6 Buju Banton Man Fi Dead
B7 Cutty Ranks Press The Trigger
B8 Terry Ganzie Yah Mi Born
B9 Terror Fabulous No Retreat
B10 Mad Cobra Price Of Gun

Segment Eight - Young Gal Business
B11 Buju Banton First & Last

Segment Nine - Batty Rider
B12 Cutty Ranks Exploited
B13 Cutty Ranks Pon Mi Nozzle
B14 Mad Cobra Yush
B15 Mad Cobra Gun Confused
B16 Capleton Prophet

Segment Ten - Batty Rider
B17 Buju Banton Batty Rider
B18 Buju Banton Have To Get You
B19 Buju Banton Red Rose
B20 Buju Banton It's All Over