28 Mar 2011

Ini Kamoze - Shocking Out

The title track introduced his Selekta label to the world in 1987, and dominates the self-produced set that apeared the following year. Original lyrics, wicked rhythms (from Steely & Clevie, with Danny Brown, Danny Thompson and Tyrone Downie) and a delivery that is totaly his own.

01. Ini Kamoze - Shocking Out
02. Ini Kamoze - Come Now
03. Ini Kamoze - Girl 'e'
04. Ini Kamoze - Cool It Off
05. Ini Kamoze - Revolution
06. Ini Kamoze - Clown Talking
07. Ini Kamoze - Boss
08. Ini Kamoze - Color Me Reggae (Spread Out)
09. Ini Kamoze - Hole In The Pumpkin
10. Ini Kamoze - We Run The Country


  1. Great album from Ini Kamoze love it bought it on cd and it never left the portable radio
    when I recorded the album on cassette .

  2. Great album !!!!!!

  3. One of my first exposures to Reggae when i was a teenager growing up in New Mexico. I am still a fan more like fanatic of Reggae - Blessed Love