29 Mar 2011

Leroy Smart - Everytime!

Shocking Colour!
A self-produced album by the Don.

Thanks to Reggaedjax for the share!

1994 Leroy Smart - Everytime
PRODUCED BY: Leroy Smart
RECORDED AT: Chris Meredith Studio, Leggo, Mixing Lab, Black Scorpio, Sir Jammy's

01. Do Good, Be Blessed
02. Sweet Lady (with Terry Ganzie)
03. My Heart Is Aching
04. Bad Boy Learn
05. Nothing Unnecessary
06. Mr. Lover Man (with Ninja Kid & General B)
07. Woman A You Yard
08. Mommy It Happen Already
09. Champion Sound
10. Gangster
11. Seek God First
12. Am So True
13. Heartically

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