7 Feb 2011

Screw Driver - No Mama

Screw Driver on the Volcano label, not produced by Junjo Lawes but by a guy called Kotch.
The song No Mama was N° 1 on the Jamaican charts.

Big thanks to Sunnysideup for the contribution!

01. Screwdriver - No Mama
02. Screwdriver - Dance Hall Vibes
03. Screwdriver - Mandella
04. Screwdriver - Singerman
05. Screwdriver - Woman
06. Screwdriver - Give Me Your Love
07. Screwdriver - Bills
08. Screwdriver - Marcia


  1. This is not a link...

  2. Click on the bloodclot picture deh

  3. This is another rip I got on my pc, I don't remember from where I got it, but I thing from the Digital Mi Digital blogspot
    I uploaded it, it is recorded a bit faster, and I prefer to listen to this recording.
    Sunnysideup thanks too!