11 Feb 2011

Answer Meets The Pieces lp(how yu fi sey dat)1993


Two rhythms on this album,difficult to find much info on this RKS rip,contains some tuff tracks.Has anyone got a front cover to this.

01-beenie man - wicked man.mp3
02-jigsy king - dont know.mp3
03-judas - see and blind.mp3
04-chuckleberry - my sound rule.mp3
05-malvo and general degree - comforter.mp3
06-prince mix - head over heels.mp3
07-red rose - family man.mp3
08-major christie - best of me.mp3
09-glen rycks - there goes my baby.mp3
10-mad cobra - never forget .mp3
11-galaxy p - love zone .mp3
12-brian and tony gold - head over heels.mp3