17 Feb 2011

Lady Saw - Bare As You Dare

Her debute album includes the hit "Find A Good Man" wich really established her on the dancehall scene, along with the explicit "Stab Out The Meat".

thanks Jahknight! I was looking for this one.

01. Lady Saw - Find A Good Man
02. Lady Saw - Bare As You Dare Ft Ghost Carlton Hylton
03. Lady Saw - Stay Together Forever
04. Lady Saw - Wife And Sweetheart
05. Lady Saw - Bad Ina Bed
06. Lady Saw - Man Ina Mi Life Ft Frankie Paul
07. Lady Saw - Stab Out The Meat Hip Hop Remix
08. Lady Saw - Can't Run Competion
09. Lady Saw - Heads Of Government
10. Lady Saw - To Sir With Love
11. Lady Saw - Informer
12. Lady Saw - Love Is What We Want Ft Luciano


  1. NICE ONE GIVE THANKS ! ! ! ! !

  2. thanks so much just got turned on!

  3. please add diamond rush 45s and big up to your site

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