3 Feb 2011

Photographer In A Dance Hall

A very "Digital" 1986 album here, on Photographer label owned by the late George Lemon, check also his album with Carl Meeks three years later.

Thanks to Florian for the contribution

01. Admiral Tibet - Curfew
02. Sister Verna - Island Over Populated
03. Carl Meeks - We Need Love
04. Daddy Lilly - Shocking Shocking
05. Warren Hutchie - In This Time
06. Anthony Redrose & Super Black - Six Fi Nine
07. Super Black - Whats Going On
08. Junior Sledge - Be My Bride
09. Daddy Lilly - Computer Track
10. Carl Meeks - New Slang


  1. Nice to see other people contributing too, thanks Florian! (And ninja B)

  2. Yeah, General K didn't you have the silver dollar vol 3 black scorpio ? ;)

    So tuff this photographer !!! Big up

  3. As much as I love this blog, I can not share the LP, because I paid a too much for it. and I do not have so much to share, like records or CDs.. I just don't have many of that. And this is still a album that most people want, and I can trade the songs with a lot of people, if they have anything good to offer. That is also a reason I don't share it.
    I hope everyone that reads this understands it, and that I am not greedy too share other things. I am actually pretty generous in real life, and with other songs. I have a lot of reggae songs, roots reggae and those things.
    Respect to everyone!

  4. You really have that vol3 with the bam bam?
    Come on share with us

  5. Big up... Killer LP Thanks a lot

  6. Hey General K please post your wants list im sure between Digital Reggae crew/family we may be able to help one another out

  7. General K go F uck yourself. Greedy bastard! What a crock of s hit! You are so full of it. Won;t share but will trade...it cost too much! What a c unt

  8. whahaha I paid 70 euro for that thing last year, and you think that I'm going to share it like that..
    It's not worth going to discuss with you..

  9. General K has no worriees taking everyone else's posts though. Ever hear any of us bitch about what we paid.

  10. and now I'm supposed to feel bad and post the album?

  11. Good idea! You should feel bad and post it =)

  12. who cares if you post it. you don't have it anyway. Go f uck yourself batty boy

  13. If i may add my 2 pence worth,70 euro is not too much realy.maybe if yu dont want to share things yu should keep it quiet and not broadcast yu have this album,yu open yuself to criticism,especially if yu come on to a blog where people have good will to share rare rips!

    This blog has added many album to my Collection,and i am truly grateful to all Contributers.

  14. It is much if I only earn 100 euro in a month..
    I collect bam bam riddims, I said it in the hope maybe other people could contact me with nice bam bams.. and that we could trade songs, a few peeps added me.. so it worked for me.

  15. The Best Custom Officer6 February 2011 at 07:25

    The way some people react, a certain anonymous. I don't think we'll never get that lp from general k.

  16. What a pitty, we shared all of our bam bam riddim albums in a big post without thinking of ourselfs. Unselfish basterds, we are...

  17. That was my point Bounty J. Is it just me or is General K's logic all f ucked up! Seems he is all about me and is missing the point of this website!

  18. Could you please reup this as link is dead
    - hw much u pay for smtng is down to u -
    u could pay a lot of money or u could find something just as goog for pennies...
    sharing whenu have and can is what defines a person seen