24 May 2009

Poco In The East

More Poco presents only half a 'version' album for the "Pocoman Jam" rhythm, as the other side is devoted to slightly disappointing cuts of "Far East". Worth downloading, however, for the "Pocoman" side which includes the Gregory Peck hit that began the excitement.


1 Gregory Peck Poco Man Jam
2 Flourgon Tie Me Again
3 Daddy Lilly When Yu Si Wi Come
4 Silver Fox (2) & Jackie Chang (2) Bad Whud
5 Steely & Clevie Fish Market
6 Trevor Levy Kill Them On The Border
7 Hopeton James My Whole World
8 Steely & Clevie Steely Can't Bend
9 Carl Meeks Bad Boys (Who A Bad Boy)
10 Daddy Lilly Singer Roll Call

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