24 May 2009

Final Mission


An album's worth of the "Greetings" rhythm track. A pity that George Phang didn't include Frankie Paul's brilliant "Alesha", the second major hit on the rhythm, but he almost makes up for it with sterling efforts from the likes of Super Cat, Conroy Smith and Little John.


A1 Al Campbell One A Way Soldier
A2 Yellowman Move
A3 Junior Delgado Hold Me Tight
A4 Super Cat (2) Under Pressure
A5 Nut Head Big Already
B1 Conroy Smith Indian Lady
B2 Half Pint (3) Greetings
B3 Little John No Stop Say So
B4 Michael Palmer There's No Mean
B5 Sly & Robbie The Final Mission


  1. The last track (B5) is missing.