25 May 2009

All King Tubby's Digital

Thanks for sharing this one, T@nsing

Firehouse Waterhouse Vol. II
01 - Sugar Minott - Give Some Love
02 - Kong Kong - Victim
03 - Sassfrass - Bum-U-Saddle
04 - Cornel Campbell - Raggamuffin Fowl
05 - Red Rose - Worries Again
06 - Little John - Wha Dem A Do
07 - Pan Bird - Jerk
08 - Lilly melody - No Problem
09 - Don Angilo - Trouble Sheron
10 - Phantom & Monkey Lotion - Nah Get It Way

Johnny Osbourne - Nuh Dis (Come Ya Fe Drink Milk)

Red Rose Will Make You Dance

01. Anthony Red Rose - Red Rose Will Make You Dance
02. Anthony Red Rose - Canta
03. Anthony Red Rose - Up To Date
04. Anthony Red Rose - Material Girl
05. Anthony Red Rose - Sweet Cindi Rella
06. Anthony Red Rose - Tempo
07. Anthony Red Rose - Bad Boy Corner
08. Anthony Red Rose - Reggae Matic
09. Anthony Red Rose - Can't Knock Me
10. Anthony Red Rose - Dub Organizer


Gregory Isaacs - Warning

A1 Long Sentence
A2 Greedy Girl
A3 Warning
A4 I Do
A5 Welcome Home
B1 Let Me Be The One
B2 Rudi
B3 Once A Man
B4 This Little Lady
B5 Badness

Two Big Bull In A One Pen Dubwise


A1 Two Big Bull In A One Pen Dubwise 3:35
A2 Body Crazy Dubwise 3:36
A3 Is It Love I'm Feeling Dubwise 3:33
A4 Tribulation Dubwise 3:32
A5 Riddle Me This Dubwise 3:28
B1 Follow Me Now Dubwise 3:25
B2 Cater Fi She Dubwise 3:34
B3 Don't Touch My Choo Choo Dubwise 3:25
B4 Ain't Gonna Be No Loafter Dubwise 3:30
B5 Monkey Sample Dubwise 3:41

Anthony Red Rose & King Kong - Two Big Bull Ina One Pen


A1 Red Rose* & King Kong Two Big Bull In A One Pen 3:36
A2 Red Rose* Body Crazy 3:42
A3 King Kong Is It Love I Am Feeling 3:39
A4 Red Rose* Tribulation 3:31
A5 King Kong Riddle Me This 3:30
B1 Red Rose* & King Kong Follow Me Now 3:36
B2 King Kong Cater Fi She 3:32
B3 Red Rose* Don't Touch My Choo Choo 3:26
B4 King Kong Ain't Gonna Be No Loafter 3:28
B5 Red Rose* Monkey Sample 3:34

Courtney Melody - Ninja Mi Ninja

King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style Specials


A1 King Everald Kill Ole Pan
A2 Johnny Osbourne Line Up
A3 Trevor "Pan Bird" Levy* Nah Run From No Clash
A4 Banana Man Take A Lick
A5 Michael Bitas Die Yu Die
B1 Gregory Isaacs The Ruler
B2 Little John Fade Away
B3 Sugar Minott Play Me
B4 Conroy Smith Original Sound
B5 Pad Anthony Charge Dem

King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style


A1 Kill-A-Pan
A2 Tan Good
A3 Nah Run Weh
A4 Lick Shot
A5 Death Row
B1 We Rule
B2 Fade Out
B3 Play Play
B4 Brand New Sound
B5 Make Them Pay

King Tubbys Fast Car

A Salute To King Tubby

Thanks To Stevie P

Computer Seh So
Thanks To Stevie P

This is an attempt to post all digital reggae from King tubby. All these albums were issued on the Firehouse, Waterhouse or Taurus label.

If we are missing some out, please let us know.


  1. Bomboclat ! Thanks Ninja
    There's also a Coco Tea on Firehouse missing, I know about.

  2. There is also a Dub Version Of 'Red Rose Will Make You Dance', then Tubby produced one side of Dancehall Showcase Vol 1 on Mango ... Johnny Osbourne's 'Nuh Dis (Come Ya Fe Drink Milk)' is a Tubbys production

  3. Wow - great post! Thank you...

  4. Here's a discography:


    I'm not sure if it's exhaustive. There are a couple on it that you miss.

    But BLOOOOOODCLAAT post anyways. And a wicked blog in general. Thanks!

  5. Hey Bounty the link for Waterhouse Firehouse is dead... appearantly i've never dungloaded it... can you upload?

  6. Hi Ninja B, can you re-upload Firehouse Waterhouse Vol. II, Thanks in Advance

  7. firehouse-waterhouse is up again...

  8. sorry to be a pain, any chance firehouse waterhouse could be posted again, can't find it anywhere! give thanks