24 May 2009

General Trees - Ragga Ragga Ragamuffin

https://ninjab.stackstorage.com/s/CJ9SQygeYXI30utOn Burtland Dixon and Lester Sterling produced rhythms, General Trees is wittier and funny as ever, great riddims from the Kangal studio.


A1 Break My Lyric Store 4:26
A2 Ragga Ragga Ragamuffin 4:08
A3 Lovers Affair 4:03
A4 Pick Up My Chick 4:00
A5 Mash Mouth Bus 4:01
B1 Granit 3:44
B2 Youth Stop The Gaze 3:52
B3 I Like The Thing 3:53
B4 The Girl Love I 3:48
B5 Dangerous


  1. Bobby Digital has nothing to do with the Kangal label. This is another producer by the name of Burtland Dixon.

  2. Yes above is true - this is a BOMB album, general trees and Kangal production at its best, the height of heights of digikal ! !

  3. Yeah, this is a good album indeed,
    thanks for the information, i always though is was strange that Bobby Digital was involved in these recordings.