19 Apr 2011

Tales Of The Dancehall

BAD BAD BAD !!! this album is BAD!!!! from pow wow records, tales from the dancehall ...enjoy

Big up Ras P for the share.

01. Papa San - The Strange Rhythm- Strange
02. Sancho - Chase Vampire [Chase Vampire Rhythm]
03. Chilla Rinch - Black Revolution [Chase Vampire Rhythm]
04. Ricky General - Another Day [Monsters Rhythm]
05. Don Yute; Donovan Steele; Glamour Murphy - Monsters Medley [Monsters Rhythm]
06. Sugar Moses - Dance Jam [Monsters Rhythm]
07. Terror Fabulous - Nah Mek Him Run [Ghost Town Rhythm]
08. Daddy Screw; Delly Ranks; Gen. Pecos - Ghost Town Medley [Ghost Town Rhythm]
09. Duckman - Wicked Man [Sick Rhythm]
10. Beenie Man - Rome [Boiling Oil Rhythm]
11. Black Coolie - Woi Gal Woi [Boiling Oil Rhythm]
12. Little Lenny; Matlock; Sasha - Boiling Oil Medley [Boiling Oil Rhythm]
13. Matlock - The Gardner [The Wicked Remixes]
14. Balance the Brown Lion - Positiveness [The Wicked Remixes]
15. Ricky General - Another Day [The Wicked Remixes]
16. Sugar Moses - Dance Ram [The Wicked Remixes]
17. Beenie Man - Rome [The Wicked Remixes]


  1. Thanks for this. Archive is corrupt though. Something wrong with the upload maybe? It takes ages to download too

  2. This album was fine for me,thanks

  3. Shit, OK, We'll Ive tried it 5 times on two different machines and it keeps getting stuck. The best download I managed was 59mb

  4. @Droid
    I uploaded the file from Ninja B to mediafire, try if it works there.

    Thanks for sharing Ninja B, nice songs!

  5. Thanks General. Thats it.

    Strange one. Mega usually works 100% for me...

  6. Anyone have Silver dollar vol. 3 they would like to share ?

  7. Thanks for the support general!

  8. Michel Steevens4 April 2012 at 13:06

    Can you please, please re-upload this on another provider ? Megaupload is down .. Thank you very much and keep up the fantastic work .. greetings from Holland !

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