15 Apr 2011

Spragga Benz & Beenie Man - The Best Of Two Bad Dj's

1995 album from dancehall supremo Dave 'Rude Boy' Kelly's Mad House setup, all his biggest rhythms from the period are presented here, along with a tough delivery from both deejays, crucial album.


01. Spragga Benz - Girl Watchers
02. Spragga Benz - Please Me Featuring Nadine Sutherland
03. Spragga Benz - Tings A Gwaan
04. Spragga Benz - Dolly House
05. Spragga Benz - Machine Gun Kelly
06. Spragga Benz - Car Crash
07. Beenie Man - New Suzuki
08. Beenie Man - Certain Gal
09. Beenie Man - Teenie Weenie
10. Beenie Man - Slam
11. Beenie Man - Ole Dawg
12. Beenie Man - Silent Violence


  1. It would be better to have no post than this crap.

    Sorry, but true !

  2. It would be better you say nothing than this.
    Sorry, but true!

  3. ha ha,
    i actualy love this album and this 90s style, come with more.
    big up digital reggae, you're big!