24 Apr 2011

Shocking Vibes Presents Mega Mix

Thanks Jahknight for the music and SUNNYSIDEUP for the cover!


  1. to Jahknight:
    Hey man thanks for the post...grat album
    I'm looking for a (good quality) powerman song -(gal a call me) featured on this mix
    I you or someone has the single or the song in a compilation or something a 320kbps rip would be appreciated...

  2. What's wrong with the version on Triple Spin Mega Mix ?

  3. to anonymous...
    I'm not a big fan of the vinyl sound... I know that for a lot of people to say what I'm saying is blasphemy
    for me is just too much cracks and hiss. I know that many good tunes only came out in vinyl, but this is not the case.
    I tried to buy the original CD but it's gone everywhere...I'm very maniatic when it comes to sound.