3 Apr 2010

Sluggy Ranks - My Time

Sluggy Ranks came around on the dance hall scene about 1984 and did his first recording for Jah Life in 1985 with "True Sound". After doing another single called "Bibble", he moved on to Music Masters on the Witty label. On this label, he recorded his first hit single "95% Black" that rocketed him into the dance hall circle firmly. He recorded his first album for Park Heights Records, called "Settle Sluggy. His second album he recorded for Music Master was "Just Call Sluggy".
In 1990 Sluggy had his biggest achievement when winning the title of "Best Reggae Vocalist" in the US. Also that year Sluggy had his biggest hit "My Time" on the Shelly Records label.


  1. Sluggys great...
    love his style.
    thnx for the big tunes been looking for dis one.
    his lps go for crazy prices on ebay.
    still looking for settle sluggy lp if anyone gots it post it up! dis site is amazing too!

  2. thanks for this one bounty.

  3. Bad !!!!
    Give Thankx !!!

  4. Greetings,
    Does anyone have the Sluggy LP "Ghetto Youth Buss" on Jah Life label? This is different from the Ghetto Youth Bust on Profile, which is US production....

  5. One of the GREATEST Dancehall Singers of all time... RUFF and EDGY unlike any other..
    the late 80's were an AMAZING time... I am VERY blessed to have been a young Dancehall FREAK in those days...
    gwan Slug... hold the faith innna lock-up my yute...

  6. i don't know how to unzip this 7z files man any one can help me?

    thanx for the great job any way!

  7. 7zip.


    You can also extract the file using Winrar.


  8. Yeah, Thanx again!

  9. does anyone knows where sluggy is.......lost contact with him....

  10. KING OF THE PARK10 August 2010 at 18:22

    if you need to link sluggy give me a link @ djbusch2001@hotmail.com

  11. how can i get incontact with sluggy...does he have any internet sites?

  12. How can i get incontact with sluggy...lost contact.