20 Apr 2010

Skengdon, The Don Of All Dons

Leroy Smart - Musical Don

Frankie Paul - Sizzling

The Tamlins - Love Divine
Gregory Isaacs - Talk Don't Bother Me

Junior Delgado - Stranger


A1 Stranger
A2 Nine Fence
A3 Love Is A Blessing
A4 Magic At Night
A5 Bad Man Country
B1 Poverty
B2 Unforgettable Lady
B3 Ready When You Are
B4 Lots Of Loving
B5 Rebel Music

Echo Minott - Familiar Face

Winston McAnuff - Electric Dread

Little John - Youth Of Today

Nicodemus - Nuff Respect

Super Cat - Boops

Skengdon, a label from Stereo Mars owner Kenneth Black.... Highly acclaimed by some... I believe that these are all the albums ever to appear on the label...
Thanks to Filé, Florian, Stricly Sound and Riddimwize for the shares.
Check out PA To Da Reggae for some 12" (more Skengdon 45s will be coming soon, probably on Rewind Me Selector)


  1. thanks for some of these's Skengdon ninja and all uploaders. http://www.easy-share.com/1909979822/frankie paul - sizzling(Skengdon)1988.rar

  2. there is a tenth album on skengdon by leroy smart .... can't remember the title atm.

  3. Leroy Smart... i googled it. He has an album "Musical Don" on Skengdon...

  4. Crucial!


  5. These are all taken from the wrr forum. Cheap!

  6. BTW you also comment the posts on wrr forum taken from our blogspot ?

  7. I just posted that Leroy Smart Skengdon album along with a reply to the dubious claim above (part. Bounty Boy)

    What wrong? Can't tek truth? So you deprive your visitors of that rarity?

    It's contrary to the 'all about music' claim, but it sure seems to be in line with blog policy.

    No problem, some rather be a big fish in a small pond than the other way around.

    Good luck with that, people know where the Big Pond at.

    Bye now!

  8. You're right.
    I saw both the link and the partially comment removed and I jumped to conclusions.

    Sorry about that.

    Glad to see I'm wrong.


    S. Gabe Holger