8 Apr 2010

Musical Shock !!

A live Session at Washington D.C., Dragon Karate Center. When, I don't know.
Mr. Biggs' Vibes Promotion Sound played with deejays like Junior Demus, Tonto Irie, Daddy Blue, Ricky Stereo and Junior Steele.
To http://soundtapes.co.uk/ you can use the link for the forum.


A1 Daddy Blue Can't Poison We
A2 Junior Demus No Pussy Test
A3 Junior Demus Tree Base
A4 Junior Demus What Yu Worry About
A5 Junior Demus Monkey & The Fox
A6 Junior Steele Girl Dem Sugar Plum
B1 Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue Keep Yu Punanie
B2 Tonto Irie One Hour Man
B3 Ricky Stereo Nuh Pon Me Bar
B4 Junior Demus Don't Get Jealous
B5 Tonto Irie Nuh Follow Me

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