6 Sep 2010

Reggae Master International Vol. II

Not all music has to come from West-Kingston!
This 1990 album is all made in Ocho Rios, it sports Baby Wayne, Lady Shabba and other completely obscure artists.


A1 Barrington Turner Tell Her A Lie
A2 Baly Wayne Mr Dear Child
A3 Lady Shabba Mek Him Tan Deh
A4 Sister C, Squire D Little By Little
A5 Jah Campbell Jail House Life
B1 Barrington Turner Bomb Sound
B2 Lady Shabba Baby Yu Nice
B3 Baly Wayne You No Too Fat
B4 Anthony Vigilante The Apple
B5 Squire D Poison Bomb


  1. Lady Mackerel is Macka Diamond, not sure if I would call her obscure ! ! !

  2. your comments are always so depressing djMush1. Never heard of Anthony Vigilante, Squire D, Barrington Turner.. Thanks for this one Ninja B
    BTW no Lady Mackerel on this album

  3. Many names ive not heard ov also,thanks!

  4. could you repost this link. i would like to get the baby wayne on this compilation.