27 Jan 2010

Tiger - Shocking Colour

A contribution from Armando

Even by ragga deejay standards, Tiger's style is far from harmonious, usualy provoking wild animal metaphors appropiate to his name. But while he doesn't say a great deal other than the expected self-aggrandizement, you should listen to how one of the most inventive and original deejays says it. "Boom Bastic" (his cut of "Who She Love") is the only big hit included, but the same standard is kept for all the tracks.

This is a special album for me as it is one of the very first dancehall albums I ever bought....


  1. Sorry, Does anyone know the release year?

  2. you are right this music wake tha animal within us, one time in a dance the Dj's put a song of this genre, in that moment the girl with I dance and I become a complete animals, I don't telling you what happen one hour after that.

  3. Crazy Crazy tune thanks!