30 Jan 2010

Mr Palmer "The Ninja" - Foreign Living

Another Uk digital release here on the Sure Spin label from 1989 by Mr Palmer "The Ninja". He appeared many a time on sound systems, mostly fo the Young Lion system with the likes of Nigger Jimmy, Daddy Willie, Tony Ranks and Squiddly Ben. The tracks on this album were produced and arranged by Clinton Eddie and mixed down at the Ariwa Studios by Mad Professor and Squiddly Ben.


  1. Stevie, i really enjoy these tunes from England, its a new world for me, i dont know too much about this music. I do have a 12" from Mr. palmer though, did i ever send it to you, if not i'll send it, let me know.

  2. Nice album Stevie... I'm not too hip pon the label or Mr. Palmer for that matter... Any more from dis label or artist...

    Big Up!!1