14 Dec 2009

Yellow Cab

1 riddim album produced by Witty.


  1. If y'all like this, check out Junior Wilson LIVE @ my event this past 12/5, When Dance Was Nice, live Tippatone dub plates and more - WICKED!


  2. Nice one djmush1 ! Junior Wilson on this album is not so good but that looks like a great party. Good vibes.

  3. just seen this.give txs for this classic

  4. Greetings Bounty,
    With all due respect, I have to disagree - I think Junior Wilson rips it on this LP - ! Also Sluggy, big NYC based artist for years who was deported last year, hopefully he will make it back to NYC; the 1st time I saw him inna dance was @ King Crown sound's Ethiopian X-Mas rub a dub dance @ Marcus Garvey Center here in BK years back, both he and JOHN WAYNE came out of nowhere and rocked it, also Johnny Osbourne, Joe Lickshot, & eventually, Briggy until 6:30 am (!!), seen Sluggy many times since then and was always great, also around at legendary Don One dub plate studio, sad that he is not in the area now......

    Junior Wilson & Sluggy Ranks are performing at a little spot where some artists have been touching the mic on Thur PM's going to check it now....

    Also Deadly Dragon record store is putting on their Holiday show this Sunday, Carl Meeks, Devon Clark, selector Digital English, Screechy Dan, should be dope......!!