13 Dec 2009

Professor Nuts - Tan So Back

Professor Nuts is known for the important role he played in Jamaican music. He was one of the first Jamaican artists that combined comedy, social commentary and music. Professor Nuts started out as a dancer called Disco Nuts. After being inspired by the music of roots reggae artist Nicodemus in 1979, he started to write his own lyrics. Because of his clever and comical style, some friends gave him the name Professor Nuts.


A1 In A De Bus
A2 Make It Again
A3 Tan So Back
A4 Don Cant Check Woman
B1 Bad Boy Jimmy
B2 Big John
B3 Big In Body, Soft In A Bed
B4 Hey You Boy (Watch This Sound)
B5 Condom In A Billy


  1. thankss man =D
    great post big up

  2. shitty quality though

  3. Hey, people spend a lot of time and effort organising and uploading for this blogspot to make it what it is.. a little bit more respect would be nice... at the end of the day if you want more quality, the album is still available to buy in the shops or over the internet.

  4. But indeed my needle is whacked... I'll try to reup it later.

  5. Bounty, i've put a new link with a copy of my album.

  6. Thank you for the link... Will check it out!
    Your blog always has straight fire!