28 Nov 2009

Tra La La

One riddim album from Cosmic Force records released in 1991. Arranged by Clevie & Dalton Brownie with Chris Meredith, Produced by Noel Hearne and Clayton C. Featuring artists like Lover Boy, Tony Tuff, Derrick Lara, Tuffist amongst others.


  1. this is a REALLY great album....the Johnny Osbourne song along is Killer; this is actually a 2 riddum album...biggest criticism is that there are no instrumental versions of the riddums....there is also a female singer on it that is wicked (foxy brown? dawn penn?)....def. one of the better Cosmic Force outings, a great LP from a great lable, enjoy!

    also, look for one of the greatest dancehall videos of all time, available from musicfreakcentral.com , Kangal vs. Cosmic Force 1987, nylon sweatsuits in full effect, Kangal w/ Pinchers and Prof Nuts lays waste to Cosmic Force, but a great session nonetheless.....

    more fire!

    djMush1 aka fadda mush

  2. ! ! !
    B I G
    B I G
    B I G
    ! ! !

    Major. Major. Major.

    LP cover art is so ridiculous, so dope. This gem gets perfect score on first impression... Plus you just don't find Cosmic Force joints like this every day.

    Definitely one of the most underrated and original Sounds to have blessed the mid-late 1980s dancehall era. Bless up fi dis - Papa Clevie still one of the wickedest producers in the dancehall game!