17 Nov 2009

Nardo Ranks - Rough Nardo Ranking

Wih Wah,
Rough Nardo Ranking is coming....
A Cegrica "Soljie" Hamilton production for the New Yorker Profile label. A album for the Amercan market but in a 100% Jamaican style (except for one or two "hip hop" remixes), recorded and mixed at Gussie Clarks Music Works recording studio.
This album shows, with its witty lyrics, the underestimated talent of the punch-line DJ Nardo Ranks.


True Story 3:42
Rough Nardo Ranking 4:00
Burrup (Hip Hop Mix) 3:50
Glammy 3:50
Rub-A-Dub 3:46
Certified 3:55
Wah Happen To Me 3:33
Burrup (Dancehall Mix) 3:50
Wheel & Jam 3:45
Girls A Fi We 3:47
Rapping Rub-A-Dub 3:35

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