27 Oct 2011

What A Bam Bam

Big thanks to DJ Easy!

1.Wicked Dickie - Nadine Sutherland
2.Fire Burning - Marcia Griffiths
3.Telephone Love - Jo Lodge
4.Kuff - Shelley Thunder
5.Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You) - Foxy Brown
6.Girlie Girlie - Sophia George
7.Find A Good Man - Lady Saw
8.Nice Up Dancee - Natural Beauty
9.Bam Bam - Sister Nancy
10.One In A Million - Worl-A-Girl
11.Nuff Respect - Lady G
12.No Pushover - Chevelle Franklyn


  1. Could you please reup this as link is dead

  2. please reup to mediafire