2 May 2011

Ragga Party Pt. 1 Dancing On The Roof

01. Gregory Isaacs & Shaggy Wonder - Hide & Lick
02. Ed Robinson - Runn Sound
03. Tony Rebel - Wagganis
04. Garnett Silk & Yasus Afari - I Can See Clearly
05. Delly Melody & Little Hero - Pretty Looks
06. Garnett Silk - Spanish Angel
07. Jack Radics, Prezident Brown, Professor Frisky - Everything Is Right
08. Shaggy Wonder - Wonder Buddy
09. Apache Scratchy & Super Morris - Test Me Nuh
10. Version - Version
11. Prezident Brown - Tears
12. Ninja Ford - Back Off
13. Jack Radics - Rush To Romance
14. I Roy - Welding
15. Brushy One String - Sangal Gaan
16. Shaggy Wonder - Girls


  1. Most of the tracks here were played in my brother-in-law's birthday last Monday, on the rooftop of the hotel they booked. Pretty Looks and Wonder Buddy instantly became my favorite songs that night.

    1. Thanks for the feedback :-)

    2. Try listening to "Rush to Romance" and "Girls", Rolf! They're definitely two of my favorites. You'll find yourself dancing on the roof as soon as you get in the groove. I know it's a bit late to say this, but belated happy birthday to your brother-in-law, Rolf! :) I'm glad you had a great time at the roof party.