20 Jan 2011

Di Remedi Vol. 1

Second album,
After one dance, you may need... di remedi. On the Miami based Heavy Beat records. This is an answer to the Penthouse rhythm album "What One Riddim Can Do", Pressure & Slide ryhthm.

01. Hopeton Lindo & Honorable Face - The Remedy
02. Heavy Beat Crew - Big Up
03. Wayne Wade - Kick A Soundboy
04. Honorable Face - If I Have A Dollar
05. Leroy Smart - Love Me From Now
06. Jimmey Riley - Heard it Trough The Grapevine
07. Don Perez - ¡Parate!
08. Berres Hammond - What One Dance Can Do (Remix)
09. Star Master R - Boom Works
10. Super C - Kick Up


  1. This is a repost right?
    and there is no link at this post :P

  2. No, its not a repost, this is a different recording, same album, yes

  3. Oh oke, sorry ninja, thanks ;)

  4. Could you please reup this as link is dead