13 Nov 2010

Tuffest & Ninjaman - Unity And Reality

Who is the tuffest?????... This one is a compilation of some Tuffest & Ninjaman tunes, out of Japan on the Alpha Enterprise label. As reggae (in general) has proved, it has reached all corners of the world. This label primarily directs their attention at the oriental market. Mostly are re-releases of tunes from original Ja, Uk and Us pressings but they also have plenty of releases which have never seen the light of day on the other side...

01. Tuffest - Move Up Time
02. Tuffest - Mighty Jah Jah
03. Tuffest - Dema Madman
04. Tuffest - Glory Hallelujah
05. Tuffest - Fowl Bath
06. Ninjaman - Freedom Blues
07. Ninjaman - Mi Lover
08. Ninjaman - Ninja Not Miser
09. Ninjaman - Look Ina Yuh Crystal Ball
10. Ninjaman - Unity And Reality


  1. I guess this isn't a compilation of different tunes but a Wackies production aimed to the orient...

  2. yep ... ninja man tracks are from tachyon lp "move from here"

  3. please reup this as link is dead