25 May 2010

Ninjaman - What A Shame

Seeing as it's been a long time since there has been a Ninjaman post and so little choice of albums (!?¿!) here is one from 1996 on the Musidisc (Uk) label. Mostly in a bogle riddim style but pleasing on the ears... anybody know the latest on the ninjaman situation?


  1. yeah, ninja was a bit under-presented on the blog, thanks for correcting this stevie
    A couple of weeks ago he was denied bail, again...

  2. Algun bway de aqui sabe hablar en español??...
    Si alguno de los administradores de este lugar me entiende, quiero decirles que han creado la mejor web de Raggamuffin que existe en el mundo!!!
    Mi gratitud les muestro por tan buen trabajo!!

    p.d.: Ninjaman is di Don of all dons!! Big up!!

  3. Ninja got bail with his son earlier this week..