11 Jun 2009

Enforcer One

From King Jammy's brother, Uncle T.
Thanks Stevie P for the upload.


  1. Let me say, we can not find much info on these LP's not even covers, and the fact that you guys are sharing with the youth dem, it is a good thing, beca this digital music is almost forgotten by the new generation. Blessed.
    Stanky Leg!

  2. I agree, but let me just say this new reggae music nowdays are pure rubbish with no rub a dub,piano line, or hyperbase line or none of that killersound stuff. But the truth is digital reggae from the 80s and 90s are the best cuz reggae music back in the old days where more created with riddims like sleng teng riddim chinatown riddim ,far east riddim ,head to toe riddim punnany riddim etc. But the thing is that im only nineteen years old an sometime when i walk in the record shop young black teenagers must be thinking why the heck is he listen to dem type of music for and they must say he should be listen to stuff like funk house ,hip hop or rap but i dont care persides young people nowdays dont even know what real music is all about bless!

  3. "why the heck is he listen to dem type of music" haha ye i know that!

    btw: one riddim album, mostly love songs..

  4. its not funny its the truth.

  5. please reup