12 Jun 2012

5 Kings & Lions 12 inches

Amazing collection of 12inches on the Kings & Lions label from Fattis Burrell

Big Up to Toyan, respect

Wayne Smith - Rapid Dem Love [Discomix]
Michael Prophet - A Wey You A Do Over Deh + Version
Sugar Minott - Boss Boss + Version
Michael Palmer - Higgler Woman + Version
Sugar Minott - Hi Hello How Are You [Discomix]
Michael Palmer - Border Line + Version
Sugar Minott - Who Cork The Dance [Discomix]
Trevor Junior - Sting Mi A Sting [Discomix]
Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly [Discomix]
Trevor Junior - Tidal Wave + Version


  1. Greetings,

    Thank you very much.
    Nice selection great memories.

    One Love,
    Twice Nice

  2. Gracias mean thanks :)

  3. The wait is almost over!! Dubai Reggae Festival is on Saturday…We promise you wouldn't forget 7 November Night in Dubai.

  4. Looking for this: https://www.discogs.com/de/Bunny-Lee-Presents-Various-Bam-Bam/release/2799216

    who can help me? Thx