12 Jun 2012

40 Music Master 45s

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Big contribution from Toyan T!!!
Enjoy these great 45s.

Al Campbell - Leave The Herbman Business
Audy Murphy - Pirating
Billy Bayo (Boyo) - Gal A Rush Me
Chuck Turner - Mood For Love
Daddy Life - Face A Badda Me
Doctor C - Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Early B - Dj Government
Echo Minott - Been So Long
Echo Minott & General Jah Mikey - When My Little Girl Is Smiling
Echo Minott - Upfront Lover
Flourgon - Jamin
Gerneral Jah Mickey - Send For The General
John Wayne - Brinks Can Rob
Junior Cat - Girl A Shey One
Junior Wilson - Dock Of The Bay
Junior Wilson - Girl In His Mind
King Everald - King Of The Road
King Everald - No Sorry Fe Me
Little John - Pretty Gal
Lyrical - Do A Little Move
Micheal Levy - Baby Be Mine
Nicodemus - Earth & Moon
Night Rider - Bad Boy Wadat
Ninajaman - Peddle And Wheel
Nitty Gritty - Mek Dem Come
Peter Metro - Green Card
Red Rose & Daddy Lizard - Old Bruck
Shabba Ranks - No Boogarism
Shelly Thunder - Man A Rush Me
Sluggy - 98% Black In Jail
Steppa - Shorta Breath
Tinga Stewart & Ninja Man - Take Time To Know
Tonto Irie - Sexy Girl
Tony Tuff - Sweet
Toyan - Buff
Trevor Sparks - Rosemar
Trevor Sparks - Wings Of Love
Ugly Man - Dj Deh Yah
Ugly Man - Haffi Get A Hit

And, a selection of some of our 45s and 12 inches:

Part 1
Part 2

Barrington Spence - Chatty Mouth Bush Master
Lloyd-D-Stiff - Must Get It
Chaka Demus - Reality
Johnny Osbourne - Dirty Dancing
Johnny Osbourne - Fun We A Fun
Junior Wilson - I'm The Toughest
Night Rider - Bad Boy Steppin
Lyrical - Jamaican girl
Papa San - Me No Love It
Peter Metro - Boops
Peter Metro - No Chatta Box
Peter Metro - Tell Them Don't Do It
Sammy Levi - It's A Shame
Shabba Ranks - Punany Full Me Head
John Wayne - Brink Can Rob
Shabba Ranks - Teach Them Proper
Shelly Thunder - Kuff
Sluggy & Little Twitch - Rucumbine
Tonto Irie - Ramit & Jamit
Trevor Sparks - Devoted To You
Trevor Sparks & Little Twich - Count On You


  1. Hi, great selection, many thanks. Is there any chance of posting the "B" sides? Peter

  2. thx for the music
    But 7' & 12' bring to much frustation....

  3. I think that 7" & 12" singles capture a specific moment, they give a different feel to the work being portrayed compared to an album track. The "B" side or version is an extension of that moment, it allows the artists to experiment without the constraints of the "A" side or a track on an album. To enjoy a single to the fullest requires the version. I am sorry if my comments confuse your concept for this blog, I enjoy the work that you post, please continue. I only ask that when digitizing a single that you please consider the "B" side. Thanks as always Peter

  4. Peter,
    all the versions are included, check out the rar files carefully.
    As you say, i also think the B-sides are an essential part of a 45.

  5. will do, many thanks Peter

  6. thanks for the tunes, seems the ones that had the matrix # in the tag are from popular online packs, but the ones that were labeled by only names in the folders i didn't have, do you by any chance have the matrix id on these? thanks in advance if you can help